• Capteur de Football connecté ZEPP

Connected Football Sensor ZEPP

Connected Football Sensor ZEPP

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Boost your football performance

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Change your game!

You play, Zepp follows. The Zepp Football Activity Sensor is a leg warmer to be placed under a footballer's sock. Weighing just 7 grams, it will go unnoticed and change your game. With this sensor, connected to your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to analyze your game performance in real time.

Discover your stats and record the highlights of your match. The sensor allows you to measure the distance travelled, the sprints made and their average speed, the success rate of shots. The sensor differentiates between passes and shots by the speed of the kick.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses

With the sensor, analyze your performance with precision and progress with each training to correct your weaknesses.

The statistics provided with the application are numerous and varied:

  • the distance
  • the maximum speed
  • the time spent sprinting
  • the number of strokes
  • the power of your strike
  • your performance as a goalie
  • your active and inactive times
  • your dominant foot and its advantages

A sensor capable of tracking the entire team

Multiplayer options allow team members to combine their Zepp sensors to evaluate their collective performance. With these options, it is also possible to analyze the statistics of the opposing team.

Through the companion application, a spectator on the bench can record video clips and tag events such as a goal scored, or a yellow card awarded by the referee. These video clips can be shared on social networks, or viewed from the timeline.


Other information :

  • Performance measurement: Maximum speed, distance, sprints, shots
  • Video Capture : Capture and share highlights in real time
  • Automatic Video Capture: Automatically generated video highlights from the application
  • Game History: Live Game feature allows your friends to follow the game in real time
  • Team Statistics: Combines data and videos from several players on the team to create a match summary.
  • To be placed in the calf protection
  • 2 calf protectors (2 sizes: S/M & 1 L/XL) included
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Application compatible with iPhone 5 and +, Android 4.3 and above
  • 40 hours autonomy

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